Pure Organic

Homogenised Full Cream

This Pauls Pure Organic Milk has been certified organic by NASAA. All organic food certified by NASAA is produced on farms that are free from synthetic pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides and where animals are looked after in a caring healthy manner. Pauls Pure Organic Milks are clean and nutritious, making them a great choice for you and your family.

  • NASAA Certified Organic

  • IFOAM Accredited REG.#3159P

  • Source of protein

  • Made from 100% Australian milk


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Avg Per 100ml Avg Per Serving
Energy 310kJ 775kJ
Protein 3.6g 9.0g
Fat - Total 4.1g 10.3g
Fat - Saturated 2.4g 6.0g
Carbohydrate - Total 4.7g 11.8g
- Sugars 4.7g 11.8g
Sodium 58mg 145mg
Calcium 123mg 308mg (38% RDI*)
  • *RDI: Recommended Daily Intake


Organic full cream milk.

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