Kids Immunity


Pauls Kids Immunity contains added vitamins A & D to help build on kids' immune defences; Calcium for strong bones and teeth, protein, vitamin B2, phosphorus for normal growth and development, and iodine for normal cognitive function. ^As part of a varied and healthy diet, Pauls Kids Immunity is the ideal milk to give kids a great start in life

  • Contains added vitamins A and D to help build on kids' immune defences

  • Delicious goodness of full cream milk

  • Proudly made in Australia

  • Made from 100% Australian milk


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Avg Per 100ml Avg Per Serving
Energy 268 kJ (64 Cal) 670 kJ (160 Cal)
Protein 3.5g 8.7g
Fat - Total 3.4g 8.5g
Fat - Saturated 2.2g 5.5g
Carbohydrate - Total 4.8g 12.0g
- Sugars 4.8g 12.0g
Sodium 41mg 103mg
Calcium 121mg 303mg (37%RDI*)
Vitamin A 45µg 113µg (15%RDI*)
Vitamin D 0.4µg 1µg (10%RDI*)
Vitamin B2 0.2mg 0.5mg (29%RDI*)
Phosphorus 94mg 235mg (23%RDI*)
Iodine 40µg 100µg (67%RDI*)
  • ^RDI: Recommended Dietary Intake. Avg Per Serving is based on serving size of 250mL


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