Bluey Yoghurt


We know life's busy and it's not always easy getting your kids to eat well. That's why we bring their favourite friends to our yoghurt and create great tasting yoghurt made with dairy goodness and no artificial flavours or colours.

Pauls Bluey Yoghurt Multipack contain no artificial colours or flavours.

What's inside:
4x Strawberry flavoured yoghurt
4x Vanilla flavoured yoghurt
4x Banana flavoured yoghurt

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This packaging is recyclable through the REDcycle Program.
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  • No artificial colours

  • No artificial flavours


Avg Per Avg Per Serving
Energy Strawberry 340kJ;Banana 350kJ; Vanilla 349kJ Strawberry 332kJ;Banana 332kJ; Vanilla 332kJ
Protein Strawberry 4.6g;Banana 4.5g; Vanilla 4.5g Strawberry 4.4g;Banana 4.3g; Vanilla 4.3g
Fat - Total Strawberry 3.1g;Banana 3.1g; Vanilla 3.1g Strawberry 2.9g;Banana 2.9g; Vanilla 2.9g
Fat - Saturated Strawberry 1.9g;Banana 1.9g; Vanilla 1.9g Strawberry 1.8g;Banana 1.8g; Vanilla 1.8g
Carbohydrate - Total Strawberry 8.6g;Banana 9.1g; Vanilla 9.2g Strawberry 8.2g;Banana 8.6g; Vanilla 8.7g
- Sugars Strawberry 8.5g;Banana 8.9g; Vanilla 8.9g Strawberry 8.1g;Banana 8.4g; Vanilla 8.4g
Sodium Strawberry 48mg;Banana 45mg; Vanilla 45mg Strawberry 46mg;Banana 43mg; Vanilla 43mg
Calcium Strawberry 208mg;Banana 208mg; Vanilla 208mg Strawberry 198mg;Banana 198mg; Vanilla 198mg (28% RDI*)
Vitamin D Strawberry 0.5µg;Banana 0.5µg; Vanilla 0.5µg Strawberry 0.47µg;Banana 0.47µg; Vanilla 0.47µg (10% RDI*)
Gluten Nil Nil


Strawberry Yoghurt Ingredients: Milk, Strawberry Pulp (4.7%), Sugar, Milk Solids, Gelatine, Calcium Phosphate, Reconstituted Elderberry Juice, Stabilisers (440, 410), Acidity Regulators (330,331, 509), Natural Flavours, Live Cultures (Including Bifidobacterium), Vitamin D.

Banana Yoghurt Ingredients: Milk, Banana (5%), Sugar, Milk Solids, Gelatine, Calcium Phosphate, Stabilisers (440, 410), Natural Flavours, Acidity Regulators (330, 331, 509), Live Cultures (Including Bifidobacterium), Vitamin D.

Vanilla Flavoured Yoghurt Ingredients: Milk, Water, Sugar, Milk Solids, Gelatine, Calcium Phosphate, Thickener (1442, From Tapioca), Natural Flavours, Acidity Regulators (330, 331), Live Cultures (Including Bifidobacterium), Vitamin D.