Tips to become an ‘Early Riser’

Aug 24, 2016
Tips to become an ‘Early Riser’

While you sleep there is a whole movement of enthusiastic and energetic people getting stuff done. Oh yes, it actually happens. They're making the most of the hours before the sun rises, and the noise of the day begins. These people are called the ‘Early Risers’. While many of us are getting any shut eye we can while our kids are tucked up in bed, others are up working out at the gym, powering through their emails, witnessing the sun rise and catching up on their sacred me-time, also known as the only quiet time a mum might get in her day.

Once you see that first beautiful sunrise, and embrace that beautiful kid-free silence, you’ll be grateful you joined the movement.

To some it might seem crazy to be up so early by choice, but to others, such as myself, the day doesn't feel right unless it starts before the sun rises. Getting up early simply means more hours in the day to get things done, but it also means starting the day properly and carving out precious time for yourself before the day truly begins; where kids beckon for you to fulfil their many needs, before lunchboxes need to be filled, and your phone starts lighting up with messages, phone calls and email notifications.

Being part of the ‘Early Riser’ movement doesn't come easy for everyone, and it can take a little bit of training, but once you see that first beautiful sunrise, and embrace that beautiful kid-free silence, you'll be grateful you joined the movement. Here are some tips for becoming part of the ‘Early Riser’ crew:

  1. Go to bed early. Every person needs a different amount of sleep to feel their best, but it makes sense that if you're going to bed at 2am you're certainly not going to feel like getting up at 4:30am to start your day. Going to bed early will mean you'll hopefully be raring to go in the morning. Sometimes this means popping off to bed, once the kids are tucked in and heading off into dreamland.
  2. Give yourself something to look forward to. If you're going to promise yourself to get up early so that you can power through the laundry, the motivation in the morning isn't going to be very exciting. Choose something that you know you'll look forward to jump out of bed for; your favourite tea, or a yoga session.
  3. Commit to a fortnight. You might try the ‘Early Riser’ routine just once and think it's not for you, but if you commit to two weeks of changing your routine, you're sure to have more chance of finding the joy of the mornings and feeling more rested as you settle into the new way of living. An Interior Stylist friend of mine commits to an ‘Early Riser’ routine for six months of the year, and then a Night Owl routine for the rest of the year. As a creative person she likes to mix it up a little.
  4. Finish with a delicious breakfast. It's said that we should all start the morning by eating breakfast like a king or queen, and who wants to argue with that? Celebrate your new life as an ‘Early Riser’ by finishing with your favourite breakfast, perhaps a beautiful toasted muesli with Pauls Athentikos Greek yoghurt or toast with lashings of ripe avocado.

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