How to grow your own herb garden

Sep 26, 2016
How to grow your own herb garden

Is there anything more grown-up than having a garden, and not killing it? For me, successfully having a thriving garden is a 'winning-at-life' moment, especially when it's a useful herb garden. Herbs make a meal magic. But don't just take my opinion, take the word of all those famous TV chefs who sprinkle herbs on everything. Herbs for the win!

You'll be thanking yourself almost on the daily.

Adding herbs to all your delicious spring meals can get on the expensive side though. Never fear, there's a solution - grow your own herb garden. Simply snip a few sprigs here and there as a recipe or meal calls for it, and you'll be thanking yourself almost on the daily. I love making my own tzatziki by adding Greek yoghurt to a bowl, adding chopped mint, fresh lemon juice and some grated cucumber. It's amazing with roast chicken.


1. First up you'll need a pot. Your local hardware store should have an array of pots to choose from. Select either one larger pot, or a few smaller pots. Grab some good quality potting soil as well.

2. Choose your herbs. It's best to plant similar herbs together, because they generally like the same amount of water and will thrive together. Parsley, coriander and basil grow well together as they like more water, and woodier herbs like rosemary and thyme like drier conditions so they grow well together.

3. Grow them in the sun. Herbs love sun, so don't hesitate to let them bask in it for most of the day, up to around 6 hours of full sun is plenty. Don't keep them in shady areas, instead place them in mostly full sunlight where possible.

4. Keep them hydrated. It can be easy to over-water your herbs, and just as easy to under-water them too. You'll know when your herbs need watering by sticking your finger 1cm into the soil, if it's dry... water them. It's as simple as that.

Once your herbs have started growing, they're likely to go crazy. Let the kids help out with the whole process, from shopping, to potting and later, to picking! Store any excess herbs by freezing them. Add herbs like rosemary and thyme to butter and freeze in ice cube trays (great for steak or poultry dishes), or freeze herbs like mint in water in ice cube trays (great for drinks on a hot day). A herb garden is such a fun, family activity that everyone can get involved in creating and maintaining. Remember, you can absolutely tailor your garden to you and your family's needs. Choose herbs that you love, and plant them in a way that best suits your home. Most of all enjoy growing them, and then cooking with them.

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