8 free things to do with the kids these holidays

Nov 22, 2016
8 free things to do with the kids these holidays

With school holidays upon us, it's only a matter of days (or hours, even minutes!) before we hear those ever-familiar words, "I'm booooorrred!" Perhaps you've already heard them. While I think being bored is often a good thing for kids, because it's an opportunity for them to use their imagination and create their own fun, it's also nice to have some ideas up your sleeves for keeping them entertained. It's even better when those ideas are pretty much completely free, or very light on the wallet.

Here's 8 ideas to keep your kids entertained that won't cost the earth:

  1. GeoCache-ing
    I'm going to hit you up with my most favourite idea. It's totally free, and extremely fun. All around the world there are little treasures, or little vessels hidden in secret hiding spots. Simply download the Geocache App, put on your walking shoes, use the App's GPS to find a local one near you and start hunting for the Geocache. You just need to take a pen with you, a small notepad, and some tiny little toys or gems too. Once you find the hidden vessel, you can open it up, leave a note, take a toy and replace it with one of your own, and then start hunting for the next Geocache.
  2. Visit the library
    The library was a beautiful place for me as a child, as an avid book-lover, and it's a haven for my kids now too. We have a beautiful library near home where we go to read books together, and choose one special book each to take home and read. Try it with your kids, and see what book they decide to take home.
  3. Discover new parks
    We're blessed to have such great parks in Australia, and it's always fun to see what new and undiscovered parks we can find close to home. Take to Google, be a tourist in your own town and see what parks you can find within driving distance to where you live, and see if you can stumble across a new find that your kids will love.
  4. Make fun at home
    You don’t have to go anywhere to make fun for the kids, there are so many things to do in your own home. We have art and craft days where we’ll get out the glue, glitter, scissors, paint, paper and get creating. It’s amazing to see what the kids can create when you let them get creative. You can even have the kids turn plain paper into beautiful Christmas cards, or wrapping paper.
  5. Become adventurers
    This is a game that I used to play with the kids when I was a Nanny, and they used to think it was the coolest thing ever. On the days when they just needed to be out of the house, we'd hop in the car and just drive. I'd get to a point where I'd tell them that they were the bosses of the car, and they could instruct me on what turns to take and we'd see where we'd end up. We ended up discovering whole new areas. It's always fun to hop out of the car, and get out to see what you can find too.
  6. Cook it up!
    Lots of kids love to cook, especially when the recipes are easy, uncomplicated, and allow them to get a little bit messy. A favourite pizza base recipe is simply 1 cup of Pauls Athentikos Natural Greek Yoghurt, and 1 1/2 cups of self-raising flour. Mix together to make the yummiest pizza base you'll find, roll out to your desired thickness, and then top with their favourite toppings. Dinner is made!
  7. Visit the Christmas lights
    Christmas is such a fun time of year, when everyone is in the silly season spirit. Head out as a family and search for the best Christmas lights in your suburb. We usually get the kids in their PJs, pack them a little snack and then go off to find who has the best lights in town. Your local newspaper usually has a guide to the award-winning houses in your area!
  8. Get wet!
    Remember the days when Dad would put on the sprinkler, and there would be endless hours of fun just jumping over it, and finding sweet relief from the hot weather? Put the sprinkler on and see what fun the kids have.

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Chantelle Ellem

Chantelle Ellem