7 Apps to Make Your Life Better

Oct 28, 2016
7 Apps to Make Your Life Better

Have you ever walked into a room to get something, and then totally forgotten what you even walked in to get? I have, more than I can count on two hands. I’ve also gone to the supermarket to grab one item, ended up with ten items, only to get home and realise that I’ve forgotten the one thing I went there for in the first place.

They can help us be a tad more organised, and also take that extra stress out of life.

Sometimes we need a little extra help to take the thinking out of life for us. I love a helping hand, and I’m imagining that you might too. This is where Apps come in. Most of us have smart phones, and they’re more useful than for browsing Instagram and snapping selfies. They can help us be a tad more organised, and also take that extra stress out of life. With the busy silly season of Christmas coming up, we’re probably going to need all the help we can get. I’ve gathered up 7 Apps that I love for making life easier and more organised, and best of all… they’re free.

7 Free Apps to Make Your Life Better

  1. NOTES
    If you’re not already using this little App, then I suggest you become well acquainted with it. The Notes App comes with every iPhone or Apple device, and is a great place to store lists (grocery, Christmas, etc.) or to even store ideas for a later date. I sat down with a sleep expert once, when I got help with my daughter, and I watched her open up Notes, click the microphone and magically create notes around new routines for my daughter. Ever since then I have used this App daily. From Notes you can email yourself, or others, message or even print. Notes will be your new best friend – it’s a great place to just brain dump, or take notes on the run.
    List lovers, this one is for you. This is a beautifully structured App, perfect for keeping your lists in order. You can create lists about anything (planning a holiday, shopping, things you need to get done), you can even share the list and spread the love (i.e. get the Hubby to start ticking things off too!). Best of all, you can take the quick notes you’ve made in Notes, and put them in order in Wunderlist. So good is this App, that it won App of the Year.
  3. iTalk
    I have my best thoughts when I’m driving the car, bathing the kids, or taking them to the park, so this App is brilliant for recording those brilliant thoughts that probably won’t be remembered once the moment passes. Simply press the big red button, press record, talk away, and then press it again to stop.
    How many photos are sitting in your camera roll right now? If you’re like the rest of us snap-happy mums, you probably have too many. DropBox is great for simply dropping your photos, keeping them safe and then freeing up your camera roll for more photos of your family.
    Kids love creating, and that means countless colourful masterpieces on the fridge, in the filing cabinet and around the house. Artkive is a great way to organise all the beautiful artworks in a way that doesn’t take up lots of space around your home.
    Consider Coach.Me as your new personal coach, right there on your phone. Turn your dreams, goals and plans into reality by using the free habit tracker to help you achieve your goals one step at a time. It also gives you access to their community for support as well.
    It’s so easy to forget birthdays of the people you love, only to be reminded when you open Facebook after the kids are in bed and it’s almost too late. The Birthday Board App reminds you of all the birthdays of the people you love, so that you can be that person that remembers every single time.

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