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What is permeate? What does permeate free mean?

Permeate is a milk by-product that can occur during the production process. It is often used to standardise nutritional levels in milk. Permeate is not unhealthy or unnatural, however many consumers do prefer their milk without it. That’s why all Pauls fresh milks not only taste delicious and have lots of great nutritional benefits, but are also naturally permeate free.

Are your products gluten free?

Lots of our products are gluten free, you can check the ingredients for any product throughout the website.

Do you offer lactose free products? What products do you have part of the Zymil range?

Our entire Zymil range is lactose free, and includes a variety of milks, creams and custard.

How do you make your Zymil range lactose free?

We add a special enzyme called lactase to Pauls Zymil milks which helps break down the lactose into simple natural sugars, that way your body doesn't have to do it.

Are lower fat milks just watered down?

Lower fat milks (reduced fat & skim milks) are not full cream milk with water added. These milks actually have some or all of the cream removed to reduce the fat content within the milk. Pauls is proud to have a range of great tasting lower fat milks including Smarter White Milk (tastes just like full cream milk but with only 2% fat), Trim Milk, Rev Milk and Skinny Milk, to name a few!